Artist Statement


In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.”

- John Muir


My art practice engages observation and abstraction to create a sense of what I see from my deep appreciation of walking in nature.  On these walks, I explore the earth and its elements, to discover what a place really is. Upon reflection and witness of the natural environment, I record my observations and discoveries on paper using various mark-making techniques, collage, ink splatters, drawing materials, sanding, wax, mapping tools and symbols. 


Since walking leads me to literally touch the earth, I often begin with layers of materials. Then through sanding, buried elements can be made visible. From observing seasonal and weather changes of a specific place, intuitive impulses trigger color splashes and gestural mark- marking across the paper to reference environmental and physical changes. Ultimately, these images give rise to an invented, expressive map mirroring geologic layers of the earth and atmosphere by building information over time. This tangible place is expressed as an abstraction, altering and expanding the sense of place. At times in this environment, I focus on the specific witnessed moments and details of birds, animals, trees, and plant-life, interpreting them as singular landscape objects. Grounded in their authenticity yet, extracted from their original setting to offer intimate portraits.