The special blue goes commercial!  The best part, "I don't want to have anything toxic because we won't be able to create a pigment used in various applications.  So we're only looking for materials which are non-toxic, but at the same time trying to get the same vivid color",  OSU's Subramanian stated.

An exciting new color recently discovered at an Oregon State Lab.

Almost spring and the wonders of finding plants for ink-making, tea and saute yummies.

A wonderful book to tuck in your backpack while you are out on a walk.

Check out the first of the season nettles!  Image below.


I am pleased to share that I have been awarded a Ford Family Foundation Golden Spot award for my residency at Playa Art and Science Residency program this past  December.   It is an honor and privilege to receive the cash award.


PLAYA, December, 2019