Playa Reflections Statement


A key component of my art practice is walking the land and being present in the

environment. My passion for the natural world, joined with walking, provides

parameters for my art. This firsthand connection allows for discovering a place

through sound, color, scent, texture, and sight. The conversance with the place

becomes translated as intuitive gestures, mark-making, and staining using mixed

media. The story expands, using the language of lines, value, shapes, and color as I

document my impressions for the viewer to witness. The referenced environmental

events, unique to that place; geological layers of rock telling a story of time, the

chatter of dry field grass in the wind, the colors of the sky in relationship to the land

become distilled through experimentation to create place-based compositions.


PLAYA Reflections resulted from a two-week residency at Playa Art and Science

Residency, Summer Lake, Oregon during the winter of 2018